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Experience FOCUS

There are many ways to elevate your life through conscious endeavor. Yet, there are none that compare to the FOCUS Coaching Retreats held in beautiful Aruba.

FOCUS is a 7 day private luxury retreat designed to guide you through a personal and intimate “uncover, recover and discover” process to enhance the design, direction and possibilities you have for your life and legacy.

FOCUS Self Mastery Coaching Retreat features the 4 Life Pillars:


  •  Personal Development – an outstanding intimate and intricate aspects of perceptions, beliefs and understanding new ways to view yourself and your world.
  • Dating & Relationships – an amazing look into the characteristics and principles of family, platonic and romantic relationships; and those standards that shape them.
  • Goal Setting – a close and personal examination, correction and implementation process unveiling the science behind effective goal selection, precise action steps and bring success into fruition.
  • Financial Investing – as good as it gets with understanding finances, eliminating debt, budgeting and entering the capital investment world. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish with very little, and what you can accumulate with a sound strategy!

Financial Educator & Coach Alicia Holmes explains the powerful transformation experience at the FOCUS Self Mastery Coaching Retreat prior to joining the Attendees for the themed All White Reception and Night Out in beautiful Aruba!