Did You Know...

Millions of Americans will approach the New Year with ideas to accomplish their goals, dreams and aspirations. Unfortunately, 92% will use methods from previous years and end up confused, frustrated and will ultimately quit.

Sadly enough, only 8% of 2019 goal setters achieved long-term success.

Tough Targets

Setting precise targets within your means, and accomplishing high value goals is challenging enough. Add in the rest of your responsibilities and there’s not enough time in the day.

Self care, weight loss, time AND money management, with a host of other conscious-minded goals shouldn’t be so challenging to obtain.

Have You Ever...

Been in a space where everyone seems to be content with living an average life, except for you? Its not uncommon for people to have family and friends who are not involved with creating a “better life.”

Truth be told, most people want to create it; its just super difficult finding and selecting the space that’s right for You!


FOCUS 2020 Vision Lean-In Challenge is a 6-12 month performance program designed for you to get your best results. By joining the Lean-In Challenge, you’re automatically inducted into Lean-In’s 10 Point Activity Platform where everything from the FOCUS Book Club, to Seminars and Masterclasses, to Personal Coaching happens regularly.

Lean-In’s bottom line is to help every Member improve their FOCUS, performance and accomplish high value goals, dreams and aspirations. Why wait until next year to start making necessary changes and having a host of challenges keep you from the life you want, deserve and can earn!

LEAN-IN Challenge 10 Point Activity Platform

Coaching You Can Trust - Performance You Can Measure

This 10 Point Activity Platform was developed with you and your highest target goals in-mind. Generally speaking, everyone begins with different strengths, challenges, responsibilities and transformational intentions that play a part in overall accomplishments. Yet, those levels of variation only enhance the strength of being attached to a like-minded community of winners for 6-12 months make a world of a difference. The greatest benefit of the Lean-In Challenge is affirming: “It’s Not About Speed. It’s About Direction!!”

  1. Professional Coaching in the Private Facebook Winners Community.
  2. Personal and Net-Worth Accurate Assessment Tools
  3. FOCUS Book Club Membership
  4. The 5 Steps to FOCUS Self Care Daily Program
  5. Masterclass & Seminar Discussions
  6. In-Person Meet-Ups with Live Streaming Access
  7. FOCUS Personal Coaching Session Access
  8. FOCUS Self Mastery & Business Leadership Coaching Retreat Discounts
  9. Debt Elimination Seminar Access
  10. Beginner Stock Trading & Real Estate Investment Information Sessions




OMG Coach, I have to share something with you. I had my business incubator pitch on Monday (which is why I missed the session) but I killed it!! I was the only female presenter and delivered the strongest pitch in the room. The VP of the company came up to me post pitch to congratulate me. I feel like we did this together because in my head all I could hear was you saying FOCUS and Lean-In to it!! We winning Coach!!

Stephanie N.

Dino, I did everything you said to do in the 1st Step of the FOCUS Lean-In booklet. I created my space, made sure everything we nice, neat and ready for me to work. I woke up and followed the morning ritual: prayer, meditation and affirmations. Then, when I started working to the music you suggested, it happened all day long. I have never been so focused on my work like that. I just unlocked the door to everything!! Just wanted to share that.


Just wanted to give you an update on my most recent successes. Yes, I said “successes.” I read both books in like 3 days, and I have been on fire ever since. The books spoke directly to me and the assessments had me in tears but I made it through them. I even watch the guest speaker LIVE and it was great. I never knew sleep was considered apart of self-care. I can’t wait for your talk on emotions. I feel like everything I ever needed is being done just for me in this group.

Dennys F.

Dino, we cannot thank you enough for the time and attention you’ve shown us after returning from FOCUS (Aruba). As we’ve said before, we can clearly see the progress we’ve made over the last few months and we’re grateful to have you as our Coach. Thank you again!

Michele & Elliot Allen

My Brother, your coaching and support has helped me win in everything I do. I’m set to hit my targets to move me and my business to new heights. I know you have a new venture coming up, so before you fill-up let me  know because I’m in for the long haul. One Love!

Philip A.

You know you deserve Coach of the Decade right? I cannot thank you enough for consistently pouring into me. I have grown so much and as instructed, I’m writing everything down!! If this is the result of just 45 days, I know in 4-5yrs, I’ll be financially fit and free!! #Coach4Life

Claudia, @Mujerón