“If One is to Master Accomplishment of Great Relevance, One Must First Master Self.”

There is essentials no debating the total experience you will have and benefit from by attending FOCUS Self Mastery and/or FOCUS Business Leadership.

FOCUS Education offers comprehensive learning and personalized implementation in the 4 Master Pillars of Self Mastery with a step by step experience to Uncover Your Challenges, Recover Your Authentic Self, and Propel You into Discovery of Your Full Potential and a New World of Possibilities to Forever Change Your Life.

For those interested in taking their business to new levels of sustainability and profitability, FOCUS Business Leadership does exactly that. Again, utilizing the 4 Master Pillars of Business Leadership through a step by step experience to Uncover Your Challenges, Recover the Sustainability of Your Brand, and Open Your Business Up to a New World of Marketing & Sales to Match Your Biggest Vision.

Imagine 7-days of intimate empowerment under a luxurious experience dedicated to meeting you exactly where you, to provide the necessary assistance you need. No one is saying FOCUS will be an easy, quick fix. What we are saying is FOCUS is a highly qualitative experience that–with 100% willingness–will definitely direct you to become Free Of Challenges Undermining Your Success!

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The FOCUS Coaching Retreats mission is to E.M.P.O.W.E.R. people and business owners alike, with a powerful mentality to impact their personal growth and development.

FOCUS Offers Two (2) Coaching Retreats:


FOCUS Self-Mastery provides full access to professional coaching in personal development, dating and relationships, goal setting and financial investing.

Business Leadership

FOCUS Business Leadership provides full access professional coaching in business leadership, brand development, marketing, video production.

Don’t Settle For Less Than

Full Service

The following amenitites are included with FOCUS Retreats.

Travel & Accommodations

  • Personal Concierge Services
  • Destination Air Fare & Ground Transportation
  • Destination Baggage Handling
  • Hotel Stays (Morocco Only)
  • Exclusive Villa
  • Private or Shared Room w/Ensuite
  • Private Chef Prepared Meals
  • Private Bartended Mixologist


  • Full Access Coaching
  • FOCUS Education
  • Problem Solving Sessions
  • Develop Plans Booklets
  • FOCUS Membership
    • (2) Post FOCUS Coaching Sessions
    • Access to FOCUS Master Class


  • Full Body Massage
  • All Meals & Desserts
  • Private Beaches and Pools
  • Excursions and Water Sports
  • Themed Evenings
  • Nights Out On the Town
  • Relaxation & Meditation


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