The FOCUS Retreat was more than what I expected, as I looked at my whole life and listened to the coaches and speakers share and teach from their personal experiences. It was amazing to learn how they practice self-mastery to completely turn their lives and finances around. I’ve become a better wife, mother, and manager because of it. ~ Tracy D.


FOCUS was like my daydreams coming true every minute. Here I was living in this multi-million dollar mansion on the most beautiful beach for seven whole days, learning how to bring more of my dreams to life. I’ve begun by changing some of what I was already doing and improving on others to bring the results I want into my life. It’s great to know that you’re confidently on the road that leads you to accomplish everything you’ve ever wanted to get done right.Joy F. 


I have to admit, I went to focus mostly for the financial investing portion because I thought I didn’t need the other stuff, and then day 1 happened. I was looking at myself differently and could see why I wasn’t as effective with what I was doing and where I could get better immediately if I did the work. That’s when FOCUS had my complete and undivided attention.Kevin C.


I had a self-made millionaire coach tell me if I did better in these areas, everything would come together so I could see my goals coming into fruition. That was the precise moment I became frugal with my time, my money and my love. Two days after returning home, I did what I thought I could never do. I opened my own stock trading account and purchased stock to start earning my own compound interest. Trecia K. 


The first day on the beach had me in tears because I knew I needed to let some people and some things go. There I was holding them all in one hand. I walked up to that jar and dropped them in and that morning on the beach a heavy load was lifted. I felt lighter, better and ready to do anything to get more of that feeling. I have a lot going for myself, but now it’s all working together for the better.Ketta W.


Morning FOCUS was a very powerful activity and I didn’t realize the impact it would have in my life. I didn’t come with anything particular burden on my heart or mind, but when asked to write down what needed to be forgiven, I wrote: I forgive every man in my life who was supposed to nurture and protect me but failed to do so because of absence, neglect, selfishness, or just outright carelessness…..without knowing how this retreat will impact my life, I was able to glean and witness men caring for and building nurturing relationships with women….that was powerful and something that will remain in my memory.Tammy P.